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Sheep Scanning

Ewes are scanned in a standing position in a walk through trailer. Trailer can be set up inside or outside as power is supplied by 12 volt battery for scanner. Many of the hill ewes we scan are scanned on the hill.

Information Provided

Number of Lambs
Ewes are scanned approx 70 to 90 days from the start of mating. Barren, single, twin and triplet bearing ewes can be identified. Occasionally quads and quins are seen and on two occasions in 15 years sextuplets have been identified.
Barren ewes can be confirmed if the ram has been away from ewes for 4 weeks. If rams still with flock barren ewes would need to be rescanned.

Stage of Pregnancy
The scanning machines used enable the stage of the pregnancy to be confirmed. PAS operators can if required identify later lambing ewes e.g. ewes lambing after approx 1 month. This allows more input from the farmer to nutritional and health management of the flock.

ewe scanEwe Preparation
The main requirement for scanning ewes is that they are not too full. Ideally ewes should be off all feeding 12 hours prior to scanning. They should if possible not have their diet changed just prior to scanning as this can upset the rumen and increase gas production which can occasionally interfere with scanning.



Benefits of Scanning
2 examples
Scan Result Hill Action Hill Ewes In Bye Action X Ewes
Total Ewes 100   100  
No. Barren 4 Cull or leave on hill 3 Cull or remove
No Singles 70 Leave on hill 15 No Extra Feeding
No. Twins 25 Extra feed, take off hill 68 Feed Pre Lambing
No. Triplets 1 Leave with Twins 14 Feed earlier and better quality

Comments on scanning.

- Twinning orphan lambs onto single bearing ewes as they are lambing.
- Hill gimmers with one lamb can be left after lambing
- Single bearing ewes easier lambed as they have not been fed too hard.
- Stronger triplet lambs with milkier mothers.
- Less labour required for hill lambing as twins are all off hill at start of lambing.

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