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Small Animal Scanning

Bitch Scanning

  • No Shaving
  • Scanned in standing position
  • Pregnancy confirmed from 4 Weeks post mating
  • Count of puppies between 5 & 7 weeks post mating
  • No bitch too big or too small. Great Danes  to Papillion’s have all been successfully scanned.

170degree sector scanning probe allows good vision of who;e abdominal area including under the rib cage.

Experienced operator can give good approximation of foetal numbers. Obviously it is harder to count the exact number as they approach the double figure number of pups.
Count of foetuses is not always a guarantee of live pups as foetal reabsorption may take place in some pregnancies.

Scanning Benefits

  • Feeding

    • Non pregnant bitches are not over fed and may continue showing or competing
    • Single pup pregnancies or small litters are not over fed thereby reducing the risks of large pups, dystoxia and caesarean section.
    • Large litters of pups can have feeding regime increased and supplemented to improve strength of pups at whelping.

  • Management

    • Show bitches can continue to enter shows or competing dogs return to their specialised field of performance.
  • Peace of Mind

    •  No need to wonder if pregnancy is phantom, genuine or non existent.

Why use Progressive Animal Services Ltd

  • Established in 1989 and been scanning sheep cows and dogs for over 16 years.

  • Professional Scanning Service. We are dedicated scanners, scanning all year round with over 90% of our business coming from scanning.

  • Our BCF Sector scanning probes produce wide angled pictures with no bitches needing to have been clipped or shaved ever.

  • Accurate information is our “ reason d’etre”

  • Accurate ultrasound pregnancy scanning has probably been one of the greatest improvements in animal welfare in farm animals in the last 50 years. Progressive Animal Services is aiming to make this information have as big an impact in the world of dog breeding as well.


Ultrasound Pregnancy scan £25 per bitch.

All prices are inclusive of VAT at the current rate.

Currently appointments are available at Thornhill or Sanquhar in Dumfries and Galloway.

At Home service
We currently do not offer a regular at home scanning service, but for exceptional cases this may be possible at mutually agreeable times. There would obviously be a considerable increase in cost due to mileage and time taken for this personalised service. A quotation for service would be given on request.


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Nithsdale View
Dumfries and Galloway

Tel: 01848 331372
Mobile: 07860 474001

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